About Me

About Me

A 3JFitness Established in 2015, is Chennai Major Modern fitness centre. A 3JFitness for both Ladies & Gents. It is the leading fitness centre in Kodambakkam. A 3JFitness started with giving importance to imported equipment’s and complete facilities in hygienic environments. Proper guidance and care are our other specialities. Our experienced and professional personal Trainers together with state of the art equipment’s and facilities can motivate you, add variety and more fun to your routine to make your experience the most enjoyable.

Why Choose Us?

Our Goal is to provide good fitness environment at affordable price.
We Providing Suitable training with Professional Trainer.
Our fitness giving importance to imported equipment’s and completes facilities in hygienic environments. And also deliver Proper guidance.
A 3JFitness only providing complete packages for your body Fitness (Body awareness,). Safety & Quality it’s our speciality.

3J Fitness


People want good results from a workout. You may want to slim down or body builder may want good shape. Fo that you have to increase your energy level or just feel better about yourself. 3JFitness searches the best workouts for your body and lifestyle.


We offer different workout routines to match your level of fitness and lifestyle. considering busy schedules, different types of weight training & cardiac routines will be provided to you, for you the achieve the best results in least possible time Weight loss & Weight gain workouts


A strong and flexible body, sure weight loss, glowing skin beautifully with peaceful mind and good health is this the thing we all want? Yoga can offer all this. We can manage stress and become more flexible and in-tune with your body and peaceful or cool mind. It is all about feeling good, feel the blood through veins, the energy through nerves.


You will build a fat burning metabolism and thus a lean and still a muscled body, all the while enjoying a de-stressing Yoga Class. If you are looking for a way for relaxing and living a healthier life Yoga will be your stepping stone towards achieving what you desire.


Personal Training is designed to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals using right postures. We assure extensive attention on recording your improvements on scale. You will learn all weight trainings and proper repetitions with the right way forward, giving you the satisfaction that all your hard work is striving for maximum effect.


Carbohydrates and protenis in 1:1 ratio along with vitamins, minerals and various natural anti-oxidants, Include various cleansers to make functoning Most effective specially like blood, digestive system, Liver, and Kidney, Carbs and proteins in 1:2 ratio with supplements and small frequent diets, Eating as per lifestyle and body requirements and how to manage your meals in any situation, Eat nutritious rather than feeling the stomach when you feel appetite, Chew and nibble your food to get best digestion results.